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What is Phocus?

Phocus is a functional sparkling beverage, infused with 75mg of caffeine derived from tea. With the added benefit of L-theanine, Phocus Sparkling Waters deliver an overall better caffeine experience than that of a typical cup of coffee or energy drink. 

Created as a refreshing, natural alternative to sugary, calorie-laden sodas and energy drinks, Phocus functional sparkling beverages are free from calories, carbohydrates, sweeteners, and sodium, but provide the same boost as an 8oz cup of coffee.

What is L-theanine?

L-theanine is the amino acid found in tea; in fact, it is one of the most common reasons people drink tea! Studies show that L-theanine has unique properties that can lead to improved alertness and when paired with caffeine, it decreases both the caffeine jitters and the crash. The result is a sparkling synergy of hydration and Phocused acuity!

How much caffeine is in Phocus?

Each serving of Phocus contains 75mg of caffeine, all extracted from tea, equivalent to an 8oz cup of coffee.

Is Phocus an Energy Drink?

Phocus is not an energy drink, but simply a functional sparkling beverage with the same caffeine as an 8oz cup of coffee. Unlike energy drinks, Phocus contains the added benefit of L-Theanine, paired with tea extracted caffeine in the ideal ratio to provide a sparkling synergy of hydration and Phocused acuity!

Are there any sweeteners in Phocus?

Phocus is free of sugar, natural or artificial sweeteners, and sodium. Nothing bad so you can Phocus on the good!

Will drinking Grapefruit Phocus cause a reaction with any medication?

There is no grapefruit juice in Grapefruit Phocus. However, we recommend always consulting a physician regarding concerns with any medications.

Is Phocus water clear or cloudy?

Phocus water is perfectly clear.

Why is Phocus more expensive than regular sparkling water?

While Phocus does not compare with non-functional sparkling beverages, it is priced comparably to other functional beverages like cold brew coffee, energy drinks, sports drinks, and even black coffee from your favorite coffee shop. With Phocus, you get sparkling water with the added function of 75mg of caffeine from tea and L-theanine to give you a boost of energy and focus without the crash.

How do I log in to my account?

Login to your account here

Where can I buy Phocus?

Check out our store locator, or shop on our website!

Can I purchase Phocus wholesale for my office or my store? What about becoming a distributor?

Yes! Check out this form to get more information!

Can I refund my order?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds, accept returns, or exchanges of product because they are consumable goods and it would be a safety risk for us to resell or reuse the returns in any way. 

If your order was damaged in-transit, or if you’ve received the wrong Phocus order, please reach out to our customer service team immediately by emailing questions@drinkphocus.com.

Where do you ship?

Phocus ships within the US. For international shipping email us, and we’ll do our best to get you Phocused!

How do I change my shipping address?

If it needs to be done ASAP, email us and we’ll do our best to change it! If there is no urgency, simply log into your account, choose “edit order” to change your delivery address.

What is the cutoff to change or skip a scheduled delivery?

For non-subscription orders email us before 3PM local time; for subscriptions 24 hours before your order processes!

Your website says 2-day shipping, when can I expect my product to arrive?

Phocus ships within 2 business days. If the order is placed before 3PM local time or on a weekday, the order will process that day. If the order is placed on a weekend, a holiday, or after 3PM local time, the order will process the following business day.

What do I do if my Phocus arrives damaged?

Email us! We’ll make it right!

Do you ship to Alaska & Hawaii?

Yes! The flat rate fee is $29.99 for Alaska and Hawaii shipping.

Is my subscription automated?

Yes, your subscription is set to the automated frequency that you’ve chosen. To confirm or edit, login!

What are the benefits of a subscription?

Along with receiving a 10% discount on all orders, you receive member perks. It’s easy to start, easy to cancel. You never have to order again, and you’ll never run out of Phocus!

I’m getting too much, how do I delay it?

That’s no problem, log in to your account and head to Subscriptions. Choose “Manage Subscription”. From there you can change your Subscription Frequency. Shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

I want a different flavor, how do I do that?

Easy! Log in to your account, choose “Manage Subscription” and then “swap” to your preferred flavor.

I’ll be out of the country this month; how do I delay my next processing date?

Log into your account and head to Subscriptions. Choose “Manage Subscription.” From there you can change your delivery date to be delayed one month. Shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to help. Bon Voyage!

What if I want to cancel?

Don’t go! But if you must, it's easy. Log in to your account, choose “Cancel Subscription”.

Find your Phocus.

PHOCUS comes in a variety of flavors to quench a variety of thirsts. Find the one or elevent that's right for you. Buy it here or find it at your local retailer.

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